Countdown to 2017 - our 25th Anniversary

2017 is the 25th Anniversary of the Grand Opening of the Shoal Lake Airport!  In many ways it is also the 25th Anniversary of the Shoal Lake Flying Club which was formed in the fall of 1991 with 1992 its first full year of operation.  Coincidently 2017 is also the celebration of Canada 150!  Will we be planning a celebration - yes, we will!

Before planning a celebration of a major event it's always necessary to go back and visit the event itself.  We started that process at the April 11, 2015 Annual Supper, Auction, Awards, and Social with a contest to find the answer in the 1992 Airshow program book to a question that was hidden at each table.  The answers were shared and determined the order in which the tables went to the buffet line.  The activity produced a lot of discussion and reminiscing.  Later in the program a request for a show of support for a 25th Anniversary airshow with the Snowbirds produced a good show of support and a number of volunteers.

Building on this positive response we crafted an application for the Snowbirds to be the feature event at a 25th Anniversary celebration in the summer of 2017 and submitted it before the deadline of the end of September 2015.  In the meantime we are planning the event which will occur in any case.

While we cannot specify the dates until we know whether and when the Snowbirds will participate, our hope is that our Anniversary will be celebrated between the dates of July 16 and 24, 2017.  It will be a 2 day event with a breakfast, an evening barbeque or social event, a flyin for pilots and a campout for those interested, there will be static aviation displays, activities for kids, food and entertainment ....  We hope that our activities will fit in seamlessly with other community events being planned for the Canada 150 celebrations!

Stay tuned!

Its history now - Airshow 2017 was a great success!  It brought together a great organizing committee, sponsorship at a level we could not have imagined, many volunteers, the Snowbirds, Bill Carter, Pete Macleod and many other performers with perfect weather for the show.  Always a risky prospect Airshow 2017 was really amazing!

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