COPA Flight 162

 We're pleased to be recognized as COPA Flight 162 as of May 13, 2009.  While we had considered this move once before it was COPA Manitoba Director Jerry Roehr's participation in our 2009 Homecoming Supper, Awards Night, and Social that spurred us on to make this move.  COPA's voice for a 'reasonable' solution to the 121.5/406 ELT is just the latest example of the importance of a strong national voice for general aviation.  Our Club's recent motion to make an annual donation to the COPA Special Action Fund was step 1, becoming a COPA Flight is step 2.  We believe that COPA's voice becomes stronger and more likely to be listened to with every new Flight.

As a result of Jerry's presentation on the ELT issue our Club/Flight purchased a SPOT Personal Locator which can be booked by any member to enhance safety on any flight.  We'll review this in a year to see how much the SPOT is used and are prepared to buy another one if there is lots of demand for its use.  Check the Links page for the SPOT web site.

As a COPA Flight we participate in the COPA for Kids program.  In fact, as View from Manitoba in the May 2009 issue of COPA Flight indicates, we may have given the first COPA for Kids Flight to Air Cadet and aviation enthusiast Cody Isaak.

We also hope to organize some events with other local Flights, watch the News and Events page for details!

Its official, on Sunday, October 4, Jerry drove out to our Fall FlyIn Breakfast to present our COPA Flight charter.  It was not a flying day so driving was the only option.  Jerry was surprised and we were pleased that our faithful supporters came out in spite of poor weather and we served 130 breakfasts.  Aviation is not just for aviators, its for everyone and our COPA Flight status will help us serve everyone better.

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