COPA for Kids flights

COPA Flight 162 has been organizing COPA for Kids events for a number of years. 

Our first event of the season for several years the COPA for Kids flights in Neepawa.  In 2010 when Neepawa won the privilege of hosting the Province's 140th Manitoba Day celebrations our Flight approached the Principal of Hazel M. Kellington School to see if they were interested in having their Grade 6 kids participate in a COPA for Kids event on that weekend.  An enthusiastic response by Principal Allen Henke resulted in a meeting with the School Board and permission to go ahead with the event with some strict guidelines.  In Manitoba the Grade 6 curriculum has a unit called Flight so the real flights were the culmination of that learning.  Parental involvement included informed consent following a meeting including parents, school representatives and COPA Flight 162 members, parent attendance at the event and the school quickly involved parents in organizing lunch for all attendees and serving it.  Saturday, May 16 was a beautiful day; COPA pilots from across Manitoba and even one from Calgary flew in to give the flights, the members of 9 Royal Air Cadet Squadron did a tremendous job of parking cars and securing the flight line, parents fed everyone involved, ....  It was a tremendous success!  The icing on the cake was watching the Snowbirds fly their airshow against one of the best airshow skies ever in the afternoon.  Everyone agreed the Flights should continue and they did, even after the ever growing Grade 6 class moved to the Neepawa Collegiate.  Our last event in Neepawa was in 2016.

Covid-19 has been a roadblock in doing C4Ks flight which we hope will belifted in the near future!

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