Planning for the Next 20 Years

Construction of the Shoal Lake Airport started in 1991 although planning had begun some years earlier.  By fall paving began only to be interrupted by an early snowfall.  Luckily (some would disagree) the weather improved and paving was completed before winter (those disagreeing say it was too cold for putting down asphalt).  The Shoal Lake Flying Club held its organizational meeting in the fall of 1991.  The Airport was operational in 1992 with Airshow '92 and the Official Opening taking place in the summer of 1992.  As we approach our 20th Anniversary in 2012 we are using 2011 for Planning for the Next 20 Years.

The document at this link shows the vision we developed for our Airport going into the future.  We also developed an action plan for the next 2 years which is located here - click.  As is often the case we have made progress on some of our planned actions and others have remained undone.  Our major focus is on runway pavement improvement so an asphalt overlay can be made soon.

At the same time there has been both hangar construction and increased use of the Airport by commercial operators, especially aerial applicators.  Planning by the Shoal Lake Airport Authority to deal with the increased demand for space has begun.

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