Flight Instruction

16, 21 & 42 Flight School has offered ultralight flight training from Shoal Lake Airport in an Ultravia Pelican by owner Dennis Schoonbaert.  The Ultralight Permit is an entry level pilot permit that requires a minimum of 10 hours solo and dual flight training although 20 hours is more realistic and allows pilots to fly basic and advanced ultralight aircraft.   Passenger carrying is not allowed although training for passenger carrying in an advanced ultralight has been possible in the last few years.  Even without the passenger carrying endorsement, two pilots of any type can legally fly together in an ultralight.  If a pilot goes on to train for any other license, 10 hours of flight time is credited towards the new license.  The UPP is a relatively inexpensive way to learn to fly and there are a wide range of ultralight aircraft available with a wide range of capabilities including cross country.  The Pelican has been sold and instruction is not currently available.
Contact:  Dennis Schoonbaert: (204) 759-2095, 365-7088
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Shoal Lake Aviation offers flight training for Commercial, Private and Recreational Licenses, from Shoal Lake Airport.   Training available in a Cessna 172 and a 7GCBC Citabria for those pilots who want tail wheel experience. Shoal Lake Aviation also offers Air Taxi and Aerial Work along with rentals to experienced pilots.
Contact:  Andrew Critchley: (204) 764-2650 or (204) 759-2395
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