100LL is available at the Airport and can be supplied to aircraft at the Seaplane Base.  It is self serve (the instructions are quite clear) although we can assist if called out.  Payment options include cash and cheque; we do not have access to electronic payment at the Airport.  There are ATM's in town and we can invoice you for fuel if prior arrangements have been made.

Oil is also available, both Aeroshell and Phillips.

We have JetA fuel for sale at the airport.  We also have Jet A available with prior notice at the seaplane base.

There is no charge for parking and you are welcome to tie down, best to bring your own tie downs in case there are none available.  There is no hangar space available for itinerate aircraft although space in private hangars can sometimes be arranged ahead of time.

Aircraft may be plugged in during cold weather with the charges listed below.

Current Prices: (effective Dec. 1, 2016)

100LL: $1.30/liter (5% discount for members). 

JetA: $1.20/liter

Aeroshell:  $12/liter

Phillips:  $8/liter

Overnight Plug In:  $5, single  $8, twin

Monthly Plug In:  $40

Season Plug In:  $180

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