Shoal Lake Airport

Shoal Lake Airport, CKL5, is located 1 mile north west of Shoal Lake, Manitoba.  We are 300 kms north west of Winnipeg and 110 kms north west of Brandon, .  The airport was constructed in 1991, has a 1000 meter paved and lighted runway, 10/28.  It is licensed for day and night operation.  Fuel and oil are available as are aircraft tie-downs with electricity, see Services.  The terminal building is accessible to itinerate pilots, free wifi is provided.

Shoal Lake Flying Club members form the volunteer pool for most of the work done at the Airport and contribute along with the Municipal government annually towards ongoing costs for maintenance and improvements.  We are very proud of this asset of Shoal Lake and the surrounding communities!

Our members are ever busy and innovative.  We have two new hangars on their way to completion.  Derek Jenkins' hangar has been in the works for a couple of years.  This fall, thanks to the help of several Club members, it got covered with metal.  There is some trim still to be completed, the electricity to be connected, and the door to be built.  Typical of Derek it is very well designed and built, it should stand a long time!  With his own metal shop, Derek will also do a fine job of the door.  As you can see in the photo Derek and Donna's Cherokee is now out of the weather and his snow blower is ready to go whenever needed to clear the big snows off the runway and taxiways!

And then there is Pete Dziver's hangar!  Pete and his whole family are hard workers; when they help with anything it gets done quickly.  Pete is also a master of innovation finding new uses for things that others might pass over.  Such is the case with Pete's hangar.  An old but very well built barn constructed out of locally sawnlumber a couple of miles away is well on the way to becoming the new home for Pete's Pelican C-ICCT.  Other than the actual move Pete, with help from family and friends, did it all himself - got the beams in place and secured, raised the building prior to moving, and then raised it high enough to get it on the almost 4 foot high foundation he built.  Three large steel I beams will support the loft and allow the end wall to be removed.  The Pelican will be moved in and out on a dolly.  Watch for a picture of the final product!

Ken and Colette Pierce have all the materials gathered for their hangar at their farm strip just south and west  of Beulah, we hope a hangar raising bee will occur!  Watch for updates!

Shoal Lake also has a Seaplane base with frequent users during the summer months.  The dock is adjacent to a campground and an easy walk to town.

Rides to and from the Airport are available from the following members:

Len Clark: (204) 759-2611
Elmer Bennett: (204) 759-2305
Russ Hamilton:  (204) 759-2274, 365-7336
Derek Jenkins:  (204) 759-2102
Dennis Schoonbaert: (204) 759-2095, 491-0100
Ken Charney: (204) 759-2566

Cuurent Shoal Lake airport weather is available here.

Two new airplanes were added to our numbers in late 2011/early 2012.  Kevin Nickel imported a Beechcraft Musketeer.  The import was done in Quebec with delivery halted in Sault St. Marie by bad weather.  Kevin and Andrew brought it the rest of the way home.  With 200hp and lots of cabin room it will be a great aircraft as Kevin and Tara's girls grow up.  Kevin Choy also imported an aircraft - a Cardinal RG.  It is an absolutely mint, immaculate aircraft which will get Kevin around in a manner that he's used to, only 20 knots faster than the previous Cardinal!  Good luck to both of you!

A new aircraft. a new hangar, and a new member came to our Airport over the (never-ending) winter of 2013/2014.  Edwin Koroscil purchased a very nice Mooney in Saskatoon and started building his hangar in the fall thinking/hoping it would be ready in a couple of weeks.  Then winter intervened!  It was finished late in the winter and the Mooney has a new home.  Having flown a Citabria and a Cherokee previously and not flown much the last few years while his daughters were in post-secondary education Ed has gotten used to more speed, less drag, and more planning!  Welcome Ed!

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