Seaplane base

Shoal Lake is listed as a seaplane base in the Canadian Water Aerodrome Supplement with identifier CKY9 and has attracted many float planes since the opening of the airport.  With no local float planes it may seem unusual, but there are few places across the prairies where float planes can land and get fuel.  Over the years we have had many visits, often from people traveling from one end of the country to the other since most float plane operations are on the west coast, in the east or in the north.  We also get some float planes from the US heading to Alaska stopping here

The lake is small enough that it doesn't  develop heavy waves, but is long enough for even heavily loaded planes.   The dock is adjacent to a great campsite and is within easy walking distance of the town.  The building of the present floating dock was a joint project a few years ago involving several community groups and provides plenty of room for boats and aircraft.  The Google Map on the Home page gives a great view of the lake and the dock if you select Satellite and zoom and pan.

This Waco float plane photographed on takeoff in 2008 was perhaps our most unique!  Having just had the floats installed in Minneapolis, MN it stopped here enroute to Prince Albert, SK where it had spent some of its flying life.  The owners, who lived in the western US, wanted to reunite the aircraft with some of its history, hence the trip.  The Waco stopped in again on its way back to Minneapolis to get the floats removed and the wheels back on.  As is often the case, it was the connection with the people involved that our Club members most remember!

Rides, fuel, and whatever else you might need are available from the following members:

Len Clark: (204) 759-2611
Russ Hamilton:  (204) 759-2274, 365-7336
Derek Jenkins:  (204) 759-2102
Dennis Schoonbaert: (204) 759-2095, 204-491-0100

or Email prior to make arrangements

The 2009 float plane season started with the arrival of Beaver C-FGYP on May 9.  A return visitor, it was last here accompanied by an Otter - there's a lot of Canadian aviation history in one place at one time!  The Beaver piloted by Glen Pierce was accompanied by a twin carrying supplies to be delivered along with the Beaver to North Bay, Ontario.  After being fueled by Club members and overnighting in Shoal Lake they left early the next morning.  We're hoping for a return visit in the fall when the Beaver heads back west where the water doesn't freeze in the winter - how strange!

 The 2012 floatplane season was exciting for a few reasons.  First we had a return visit of Carl Buck's Waco biplane that first arrived on our lake in 2008.  Old BBQ (google that) was again on its way to Prince Albert, this time for a 100 Anniversary Airshow being held there.  Weather was not making the trip easy, they (a Cessna 185 on ampibs was part of the flight) were delayed getting here and had to overnight leaving for PA on the morning of the Airshow.  They made it in time for the show; we were again amazed at Carl's dedication to making the history of this airplane come alive!

At the end of the season we also had Colin Oliver's newly restored 1945 Norseman stop in on its flight home to Brooks, Alberta from Ignace, Ontario.  Absolutely beautiful a number of us were thrilled to get a ride and even some time behind the controls - quit a thrill to fly an airplane older than many of us!  At the same time a Northstar arrived on a flight from its old home in Kenora to its new home in BC.  Everyone stayed the night, we had a great post flying session over supper at the Shoal Lake Motor Inn and saw both aircraft off the next morning.  It was a great end to the season!

As of 2014 we now have both 100LL and Jet A available at the seaplane base.  Perhaps we are being overly optimistic but surely there is a Twin Otter on floats, a modified Grumman amphibian, a CL 415, ... that is looking for fuel while crossing the southern prairies!  If that's you, email or call 204-491-0100.

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